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Wildlife Control


Timbercraft Forestry offers a variety of wildlife control services for those times when nature gets just a little too close.  So, if there's garbage on your lawn every morning, a strange odor in your basement, or trees missing near the brook, chances are Timbercraft can help.  Timbercraft will work in concert with state and local agencies to make removal as easy and hassle free as possible.  So, if your property's becoming just a little too wild, contact us by clicking on the link below:


Skunks are a common visitor to both residential and rural areas.  Their habits of digging under structures, spraying and digging for grubs (grubbing) in lawns makes them a particular nuisance.  Removal of these animals can be tricky and doing so free of odor can be a challenge.  Contact Timbercraft Forestry for professional efficient removal. 

Squirrels frequent all settings.  Problems occur when they enter attics, walls and homes themselves and chew through soffits and gable vents.  Their habit of chewing extends to electric wiring and PEX type water piping which makes them primary concern of homeowners.  The fall of the year is when they start to establish winter quarters.  Don't wait!  Contact Timbercraft Forestry for prompt removal before a few squirrels becomes an infestation.

Woodchucks are a common yard resident.  If you are a homeowner or gardener, you are well aware of the problems associated with their presence.  Contact Timbercraft Forestry for easy efficient and safe removal.

With thirty years of experience in animal capture and removal, Timbercraft Forestry can help solve even the most difficult wildlife control challenges.